Ultimate General: American Revolution

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Take on the role of the American Colonists, and fight for territorial control over North America. A gripping real-time campaign awaits you on a detailed 3d map where you can build your army and navy, construct military infrastructure, and fully command your armies on a regimental level. If you want even more action you can fully zoom-in and fight massive battles on a battalion level.

Fight in real-time on the global map with regiments and naval squadrons. Move your General to gain tactical control of the situation in a minimal way. The presence of the General makes it possible to control the troops or ships directly on the map, actively use maneuvers, cut supply routes, utilize different types of terrain, and flank with cavalry. The battles can be fought with more detail and full tactical control by zooming-in further on the map.


If you choose to fight battles with full tactical control, the regiments become divided into smaller battalions allowing you the command of hundreds of units in real-time, creating a dazzling and realistic combat experience of the historical period. Troops are positioned in a landscape according to the placement they had on the map at the given time. Some will engage the enemy immediately, others can be re-positioned in deployment zones, while those which were further away may join later as reinforcements.


Realistic reconnaissance is simulated, making messages the basis of military intelligence and battle maneuvering. Messages can be delayed or be intercepted by the enemy, resulting in your orders not reaching your troops in time or rendering communication with your distant territories impossible.


You will need a strong army and navy to win the war. Form infantry regiments, cavalry squadrons, and fleets. Assign the best officers and equip units with the strongest weapons to increase their power. You will have to choose how best to manage your recruits - create new units or replenish casualties? Such decisions may have a huge impact on the course of war.


Lead your troops to victory. Develop regions that provide food, weapons, and ammunition for your army and navy. Build military structures to train special recruits or host your army during the harsh winter. Build infrastructure to raise supplies and plan supply routes that reach your armies while they are fighting.


Armies or Fleets cannot be maintained without an effective industrial base. Produce rifles, cannons, and build ships. A single shot needs powder and a bullet. War requires tons of powder and thousands of bullets. Organize and prioritize the production chain to fulfill your army's requirements.


Design the structure of the army in full detail, by creating and organizing army departments which are essential for a functional army. Manage their funds and allocate the right person for each department to directly influence the army’s efficiency in combat, intelligence and supply management. As the department’s officers gain experience they become more effective not only in their main role but also in researching new weapons, tactics and inventing methods that will progressively further enhance your army.

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