Vampire Hunters

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Shoot, stack – and slay! Vampire Hunters is a Roguelite Survivors FPS where the toughest Transylvanians stack guns to mow down monsters with extreme firepower. Collect new weapons, upgrade, and dominate as you explore new levels in this retro-inspired steampunk world.
  • Stack up to 14 weapons to amass earth-shattering firepower.

  • Collect every firearm – from the classic revolver to a high-pressure holy water hose.
  • Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade!
  • Slay vampires, demons, and everything undead by the thousands.
  • Explore each unique steampunk environment of Transylvania.
  • Enjoy this novel mix of old-school FPS with the unique gameplay from Vampire Survivors.

The undead are about to learn the meaning of bullet hell.

Developer info

  • Gamecraft Studios
  • Gamecraft Studios
  • July 26, 2023


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