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Vivat Slovakia is an open-world video game set in the freshly established democratic country at the border of Western and Eastern Europe, Slovakia. As old ways of communism are still not rooted out, the state enforcement agencies are weak and corruption is deeply embedded. Money and violence govern. An era well deserving of its name - the wild 90s.

Wild 90s in Bratislava:

The streets are controlled by mob gangs that are protected by law and not afraid to show their power even during broad daylight. Racketeering, exploding cars and other ways of settling scores are daily occurrences. The ways of the gangs became useful to some government's elites, who utilize them for their dirty work.

We have saying back home:

The difference between the secret service and organized crime is being blurred. Parties that should oppose each other are now hand in hand in gaining money and power. For the ordinary citizen, the connections are paramount and the only way up. One saying became widely known: "You don't have what you don't steal."

Not a typical gangster-open world:

The player finds themselves in the role of a bald man in his 30s, working for the secret police. As an undercover taxi driver, you are allowed to freely roam the town and check-up on people of interest at close proximity.


  • The game map of Bratislava covers roughly 10 km2 of a lively city.
  • Vivat Slovakia contains more than 20 story missions that are based on real events set in the 90s of the young Slovak Republic after the split of the Czechoslovak Federation.
  • The game contains professional Slovak voice-over with the main character voiced by Marián Labuda. We have prepared English subtitles for Erasmus participants, who tasted the beauty of Slovakia as well as for immigrants from the Iron Curtain period.
  • Over 30 unique period vehicles inspired by their real life counterparts roam the streets. From old socialist scrap to exclusive import cars that only bosses could afford.
  • More than 5 functional and carefully selected local weapons. In Slovakia, pleasant boys will not hit you over the head with a baseball bat, but with a telescopic baton.

Experience a slavic open world glory from the unique perspective of a secret police officer.

Vivat Slovakia is also being created thanks to successful crowdfunding:

Many players will have their own mini stories in the game or will be able to meet them as they walk around Bratislava or act as drivers of public transport in the form of their own NPCs.

We transformed the real businesses and homes of our players into game form and incorporated them into virtual Bratislava. This is what product placement should look like in a game.

Musical LFO radio with period music created by DJs and speakers of radio _FM Yanko Kral and Subtension. Talk radio made up of stand-up comedians from Silné Reči as well as the possibility of a custom radio with your own music.

In cooperation with dog shelter Sloboda Zvierat, we will be adding the option to choose your own four-legged buddy from a shelter. There are 14 different breeds to choose from in the game.

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  • Team Vivat
  • Team Vivat
  • April 18, 2024


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