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Zula is a light in size, fast paced free-to-play first person shooter where you can build your strategy and compete against opponents and enjoy your battles in vast variety of modes that takes place in real-life locations.
10+ Game Modes: Competitive, TDM, Sabotage, Battle Royale, Fun Modes and more!
90+ Weapons: SMGs, Shotguns, Snipers, Rifles, Pistols, LMGs, and more!
25+ Real Life Maps from all around the world: Turkey, France, Brazil, Iraq, China, and more!
20 Characters to collect: Choose your side, Zula or Gladyo
Thousands of cosmetic customizations: Design your setup the way you like!
Enjoy the competition and high quality visuals in Zula!
You don't have to stress about storage on your computer. With its light size, Zula covers a pretty small amount of storage space, but does not compromise from its visual quality!
Build your tactic, defeat your enemies.
You can participate in different game modes, including Competitive Mode, Battle Royale, PTS, DeathMatch, Capture the Flag, Escort (special mode with tanks of war), and many more!
As a player you can support two different sides: if you choose to go on the side of ZULA then you will be supporting Demir's revenge through the mafia, on the contrary if you choose to be a Gladio, you will be in favor of the mercenary forces that have infiltrated in almost all the military services of the world.

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  • Madbyte Games
  • January 12, 2018


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