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About 🖱️
clickyland is a tower defense village builder. Defend your castle by using clicks to harvest resources, fight enemies and manage your village. For example, click a tree to get wood, click enemies to damage them or click the fog to reveal more of the map.
Use structures to get the maximum out of your clicks. For example, build a quarry that automatically mines 3 stone per click or build click factories to obtain more clicks.

Shopping 💰
Each run gives you coins to spend in the shop. Buy new towers and upgrades like rapid click to survive longer!

Fight progressively stronger enemies, like rabbits, bears and demon shamans. Can you overcome all enemies and reach day 100?

Features 📋
  • ~4 hours of playtime
  • Procedural tower defense levels that will keep each run fresh
  • 35+ buildings and upgrades to unlock in the shop
  • 30+ funny and interesting enemies that will keep you on your toes

Developer info

  • Sokpop Collective
  • Sokpop Collective
  • June 3, 2024


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